Brand massacre in the server market

In the second quarter of 2017, according to IDC, the server market grew over 6 percent compared to the second quarter of last year. But most large, established vendors do not benefit from this: HPE, IBM and Lenovo have suffered heavy drops in sales. Only Dell is growing faster than the market.
IDC has the latest figures for worldwide sales of servers in the second quarter of 2017 presented . According to this, the manufacturers were able to achieve a total of 6.3 percent more sales with servers than in the same quarter of the previous year. According to market researchers, it now amounts to more than $ 15.7 billion. IDC's recovery is largely due to the availability of new server generations with Intel's Skylake CPUs, which many customers had been waiting for in the previous quarter.

However, the established manufacturers hardly benefit from the increase. HPE, which combines IDC with its China joint venture New H3C Group, can still keep the top spot in terms of sales. However, d…

Citrix makes new cloud regions available in Germany and the EU

With new regions, Citrix is ​​expanding the regional availability of its own cloud services. The new regions are aimed primarily at the stricter data protection guidelines in Germany and Europe. Now there are new regions in Germany, France and Spain.
Previously, Citrix's cloud services were available worldwide. However, due to regional characteristics, many customers in these countries could not switch from an on-premise installation of Citrix solutions to the cloud. That should change these new offers.

The cloud provides benefits for users, because they do not have to worry about the care of the product, the administration of the hardware and also do not need to build a special infrastructure and thus are also much more flexible.

In the future, users can decide whether they want to use US or EU regions for their solutions. However, according to Citrix, it is not possible to move the data between these different regions.

"Citrix will continue to add new cloud regions to serve th…

Windows Server gets web-based management console

Project Honolulu is expected to remove some of Power Shell's limitations in managing Windows Server and also provide features for hyper-converged infrastructures.

On the Microsoft conference Ignite the provider wants a new tool for Windows Server imagine . The graphical user interface (GUI) is designed to extend the options offered to users with PowerShell. According to a Technet blog , in which Microsoft announces the technical preview, many users have declared that PowerShell is indeed a necessary tool, but often not sufficient.

Therefore, in many cases, especially in smaller installations, additional tools had to be used to perform administrative tasks. The new tool will now deliver functions from PowerShell and expand it with additional functions.

At the same time, the new GUI for Windows Server also better maps the needs of hyperconverged environments. This has been the domain of third party vendors or open source tools so far.

"One of the most exciting new tools we're p…

Amazon Web Services provides billing to the nearest second

As of October 2, Amazon Web Services will also offer per-second billing for EC2 Linux instances and EBS volumes. Amazon wants to make their own services for users even more attractive and facilitate other applications. Above all, services that are only active at very short notice should be able to benefit from it. However, Amazon calculates for each start first a full minute.

The Elastic Compute Cloud Instances (EC2) expects Amazon every second if started on-demand, reserved or in spot form. The same applies to storage space reserved for the Elastic Block Store (EBS).

Also Amazon EMR and AWS batch fall under the new regulation. "Many batch jobs that our clients run are completed in less than an hour," said Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist at Amazon Web Services. "With billing to the nearest second, batch processing becomes even more cost-effective."

The shorter billing intervals should not only save costs, but also simplify the management of cloud instances. According to B…

Apple and Android device enrollment from the cloud

Cortado Cloud allows a largely automated rollout of mobile devices and applications. Mobile Device Management ( MDM ) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) are also possible with the new solution.

Thus, in a few steps, the establishment and commissioning of mobile devices in the company should be possible. Even apps, e-mail, WLAN and VPN can be rolled out and managed largely automated, according to providers with Cortado Cloud. In addition, the solution offers security features such as policies, data encryption, deletion functions or password locks.

Because users do not have to operate their own hardware thanks to the Cortado Cloud offer and no knowledge of mobile device management is necessary, especially small and medium-sized companies can benefit from this offer. The solution is provided by a German server and is subject to strict data protection according to the provider.

A Cortado Cloud Account can be booked from ten users and is available from 5.50 Euro per Nuzzzer. To try out t…

Huawei is looking to connect with the cloud leader

Many IT conferences are all about artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things. Unlike the "Huawei Connect" in Shanghai, where the IT Group focused on its cloud solutions. The aim of the manufacturer: soon to be one of the five largest cloud providers.
Around 20,000 visitors from over 150 countries came to this year's Huawei Connect in Shanghai to learn how Huawei's cloud solutions are designed to help companies transform digitally, according to this year's "Grow with the Cloud" motto. In his keynote address, Guo Ping, CEO of Huawei, emphasized that the cloud is one of the cornerstones of the intelligent world. "There will be five major cloud platforms worldwide in the future. Together with our partners, we will build one of these five clouds, and we have both the technology and the know-how to do so. "

The goal is primarily to monetize technology and services, but not the data of the customers. "Huawei's cloud

Universal cloud license

Ellison promises a simplified pricing model, automation in the cloud and databases, more performance, and a bring-your-own license model for Oracle's PaaS offerings ahead of the Open World.

Universal Credits is the name of the new approach Oracle wants to use to simplify enterprise cloud services. "It gives users a single contract, unlimited access to all and future PaaS and IaaS services on Oracle Cloud and Oracle Cloud at Customer," the company said .

Customers can then swap services without having to notify Oracle, and continue to benefit automatically from new features when they are available in a cloud service. The Universal Credits will be available from the 25th of September.

Oracle also wants to give owners of on-premise licenses more flexibility. Already today, users can use it in an IaaS. In the future, however, users can also reuse their licenses in a PaaS offering such as Oracle Database, Middleware, Analytics or others.

"Customers with existing on-premise …