Brand massacre in the server market

In the second quarter of 2017, according to IDC, the server market grew over 6 percent compared to the second quarter of last year. But most large, established vendors do not benefit from this: HPE, IBM and Lenovo have suffered heavy drops in sales. Only Dell is growing faster than the market. IDC has the latest figures for worldwide sales of servers in the second quarter of 2017 presented . According to this, the manufacturers were able to achieve a total of 6.3 percent more sales with servers than in the same quarter of the previous year. According to market researchers, it now amounts to more than $ 15.7 billion. IDC's recovery is largely due to the availability of new server generations with Intel's Skylake CPUs, which many customers had been waiting for in the previous quarter. However, the established manufacturers hardly benefit from the increase. HPE, which combines IDC with its China joint venture New H3C Group, can still keep the top spot in terms of sales. However,

After a positive 2019 financial statement, Amazon can thank the Cloud

The financial balance sheet of Amazon Web Services or AWS for close friends, brings the growth of the entire group. The subsidiary's sales, presented on February 2, increased by 47% in almost one year of exercise.

While the general public recognizes and most companies recognize Amazon for its e-commerce platform. This is no longer the only strength of the giant of the Web. Formalized in 2006, the AWS Cloud division gradually took on a significant role in the group's activity. Beyond a well-established global coverage, (11 Availability Zones opened in 2016) AWS's sales force is gaining momentum as the company's financial statement progresses. According to the Echoes, the division accounted for 5% of revenues in 2014. It accounted for 9% of the company's total revenue in 2016, "or $ 12.2 billion".

For proof, between the fourth quarter of 2015 and the same period in 2016, earnings increased by almost 47%. Of the total AWS revenue, this fourth quarter of 2016 represents $ 3.5 billion. In terms of operating income, the company recorded $ 926 million and a 60% year-over-year increase of $ 3.1 billion in operating income.

AWS: less revenue, more profit with the cloud

This goes hand in hand with an increasingly full catalog. The company's Cloud APIs are well known to designers and businesses. Continuous deployment of availability zones around the world is fueling this growth .

The other divisions of the group led by Jeff Bezos are not doing as well. The global division of the e-commerce platform reported a loss of 487 million dollars despite a turnover up 18%, or 13.97 billion dollars.

Even if the North America branch remains motivated with an annual turnover of 80 billion dollars in almost one year of activity. On the other hand, the operating result of this branch is $ 816 million. The cloud is therefore more efficient for generating substantial income.

Adobe wants to facilitate signing in the cloud

The tool is based on the artificial intelligence platform called Sensei, which scans, analyzes and cleans documents to reduce the proportion of "thankless tasks". The purpose of this update, make life easier for corporate employees by extending the possibilities of Adobe Sign. Thus, it is now possible to scan documents, track documents and validate contracts, notes, receipt of parcels, etc. digitally. Everything can be integrated into the Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Cloud. Large groups, but also hospital structures can benefit from this update.

The application of this update is based on the recommendations of the Cloud Signature Consortium. The latter is a group of a dozen companies specializing in digital signature, of which Adobe is a part. The contribution of a more secure digital signature is needed at this time, including the impact around the blockchain.

The consortium wants to provide an open alternative through the adoption of open standard, rather than relying on proprietary solutions and often associated with a single service. However, Adobe is a creator of standard. The firm has a history of creations of proprietary formats then made public. With the Cloud era, this trend is accelerating.


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