All About Global Managed Cloud Leader

Rackspace is the global leader in managed cloud services, and the openStack open source cloud combiner. Find out everything you need to know about the company and its various services. 

The companies are increasingly tempted by the use of cloud computing. However, different cloud services are not always easy to handle . That's why you need to call a managed cloud service provider.

Origin of the company

The US company Rackspace, was founded in 1998. Based in Texas, it offers managed cloud services grouped under the brand name Rackspace Cloud. In addition to its headquarters in Windcrest, Texas, it also has offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Mexico and Hong Kong. Its Data Centers are located in Texas, Chicago, Virginia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Hong Kong.

The company offers its customers hosting and infrastructure services as well as managed cloud services . Users choose the cloud provider of their choice, and Rackspace takes care of managing the Clouds for them. Depending on their needs, users can choose between a public, private, hybrid cloud. They also access the multi-cloud option with multiple providers. In addition, the firm also offers managed Big Data and security services, and also supports its customers in their Cloud migration or in compliance with legislation such as the RGPD in Europe .

Rackspace competes as a global leader in managed cloud . It provides hosting services to more than 69% of Fortune 100 companies. It is also the # 1 hosting provider of the top 1000 online retailers. The firm also has 1000 AWS certified technicians, 400 Microsoft Azure certified technicians and 160 RedHat certified technicians. Customers can choose the cloud of their choice from the leading providers. We find the big names in this domain: Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google, Alibaba for the Public Cloud or VMWare and OpenStack for the private cloud.

Rackspace: what are the different cloud services?

Among the various Rackspace Cloud services are Cloud Files, Cloud Block Storage and Cloud Backup . Available since 2008, Cloud Files relies on OpenStack Swift object storage.

Users connect to it through the REST API, and are billed based on usage . Specifically, users pay according to the amount of incoming bandwidth and storage.

Typical features of cloud services include replication, mobile access, and guaranteed uptime . Users can manage their use of the cloud through an online control panel, PC software, or various third-party tools that can connect to the Cloud Files API.

The Cloud Block Storage , available since 2012, is based on OpenStack. It is a direct competitor of Amazon Elastic Block Store, the block storage service of Amazon Web Services . This service provides better performance than object-based storage. Indeed, it combines HDD hard disks and SDD.

Finally, Rackspace Cloud Backup allows backups of files. Through the use of compression, deduplication, and encryption, security is maximized while storage costs are minimized.


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