Brand massacre in the server market

In the second quarter of 2017, according to IDC, the server market grew over 6 percent compared to the second quarter of last year. But most large, established vendors do not benefit from this: HPE, IBM and Lenovo have suffered heavy drops in sales. Only Dell is growing faster than the market. IDC has the latest figures for worldwide sales of servers in the second quarter of 2017 presented . According to this, the manufacturers were able to achieve a total of 6.3 percent more sales with servers than in the same quarter of the previous year. According to market researchers, it now amounts to more than $ 15.7 billion. IDC's recovery is largely due to the availability of new server generations with Intel's Skylake CPUs, which many customers had been waiting for in the previous quarter. However, the established manufacturers hardly benefit from the increase. HPE, which combines IDC with its China joint venture New H3C Group, can still keep the top spot in terms of sales. However,

More than ever the convergence of Big Data and the Internet of Things is under way

While segmentation prevails in the economic world, the Big Data sector does not seem to have reached this stage. It is in any case the feeling that one feels while browsing the aisles of Big Data Paris. Companies were very numerous to have installed a stand in the Palais des Congrès. More than 200 groups and startups rubbed shoulders for two days on March 6th and 7th.

In view of the solutions presented, we can differentiate between major types of actors. The show was organized in part in this way with a light partition. By delineating areas such as the village startups or the AI ​​Lab, some companies benefited from targeted visibility.

The others are scattered according to the size of the stands and the activity. We find the major players in real-time analytics, data visualization and business intelligence specialists such as Tableau or French BiBoard, OEMs like Cisco or HPE, IaaS platform providers, PaaS, etc. 

Let's not forget the actors of the Internet of Things. From IoT? Yes, because at Big Data Paris, data collection is as important as hosting, storage and analysis. It must be said that, at a show dedicated to Big Data, it is difficult to make live demonstrations. For this purpose, Oracle used a circuit connected for child personalized with the Big Data sauce. The already intelligent little cars were decked out with sensors gathering data on their routes, road exits and accelerations.

Therefore, the presence of an actor like Tell Me Plus able to demonstrate the advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence to prevent breakdowns of cars seems relevant . The young company has also received the BtoC trophy of the show. " It has been explained to me that this does not mean much, " explains Jean-Michel Cambot, Chief Strategy Officer and founder of the company. " Our technological brick is mainly for professionals, but we can consider that we reach the general public when we help to predict car repairs. "

This convergence of connected objects and data is also reflected in the work of another French company: Openfield. This company, which has just surpassed the startup status, offers a Data Management Platform. The latter makes it possible to collect different types of data from the connected objects and from the Wifi in the form of a Data Lake . This information is not collected anywhere. OpenField targets public places where event and retail professionals want feedback on the customer experience.

The company's teams connect to existing infrastructures such as the Wifi network or participate in the installation of "networks" of beacons. The objective is to map customer journeys in real time and even predict their next interactions in a shopping center or a theater . Openfield is also open to event organizers, hoteliers, and building managers. The solution is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and data is made visible in real time to BtoB customers using Tableau's offering. Openfield is now looking to finish the industrialization of its solution by collaborating with a larger number of groups.

Finally, the famous equipment manufacturer Cisco was there to assert the need for infrastructure necessary for the emergence of Big Data on a large scale. That's not all. The company that bought the IoT Jasper communication platform presented the latest successes of this merger that allows to connect with the control center to the Cloud like Salesforce, SAP, or Microsoft Azure and to control the sensors and the collected data. worldwide.

All these actors were present to display their solutions to more than 10,000 visitors expected these two days. However, we noticed the presence of similar solutions. It must be said that the communication of all types of companies is still largely based on the catchphrase "Transform your business with Big Data". The sector is young, this is felt and some of our interlocutors report it to us and call for consolidation. This effervescence is healthy, but there must be consolidation to reach the stage of economic maturity.


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